Fall Camp at Manatoc

We had a SUPER time at Fall Camp this year, even with pending bad weather. Some people sat up in the rain, but we were really spared any heavy rains. Saturday morning we all awoke to sunny skies and really not too cold temperatures (50s).

Saturday, each of the dens had an activity: the Tigers did orienteering with compasses, the Wolves did hiking and sock-puppet creations, the Bears and Webelos earned (or re-earned) their Whittlin' Chip cards (carving with a pocket knife) and Webelos lashed together a puppet stage. Everyone participated in archery and BB-gun sessions as well as meal preparation and cleanup.

Thank you, Ed Kennedy for being our camp coordinator this year. Thank you, Kozars, for doing the heavy-lifting on getting the food supplies purchased and delivered to the camp. And thanks, leaders, for the good activities.

Check out the pictures here:

Parents, chime in with your own experiences at camnp by responding to this blog post!


September 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Dues: Den leaders, please ask your Cubs to submit their $40 dues to John Kozar.

Remind your Cub Scouts to sell, sell, sell!
We will again do a pie in the face for a half sheet of sales!

Fall Campout:
Camp opens at 5pm -- we will arrive between 5 and 7pm.
Get a final count of Scouts attending by Wednesday.
Make sure Cub Scouts and parents all bring health forms (parts A and C).
Dave M. will be the official camp health form collector and greeter at our camp site.
If any mothers want to stay overnight, they must stay in the health lodge or a tent; they can't stay in a cabin with the boys.
Refer to Ed's schedule:

Webelos 2's will go with the Tigers for the Archery and BB Gun ranges
Wolves and Bears will swap BB Gun times so Wolves won't have it right before they need to prepare lunch.
Bring clothes pins (for targets).

Nut allery NOTE: Jacob, a Tiger Scout, has a severe nut allergy.


August 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Annual dues will be $40 per Cub Scout.

9/4: Pizza party / flag raising at 5:30

9/16: 6-9pm Ellsworth Hill Scout recruitement night. As many parents, leaders and Cub Scouts who want to volunteer for our night of recruiting are encouraged to attend.

Popcorn: Should we do table sales? Let's preasent this to the Pack as a whole, since there was no feedback from the email. Lynn Schmidt is the Popcorn General this year. John will first check with local stores. Popcorn kickoff will be at our first pack meeting; forms will be distributed at the den meetings.

John K. will look into class B shirts and pick up an order form.

Pop can tabs to benefit Ronald McDonald House at the Cleveland Clinic: We will provide incentives for the den that collects the most tabs. Parents are also encouraged to bring in travel toilettries for this project.

Our pack is going to make a donation to the HUMC.

Other service projects for the fall? (Leaf raking for three families on November 7th.)


July 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Pack Officer openings: Secretary and assistant Pocorn Kernel.

Scout recruting night at Evamere will be sometime around 8/25 from 4-6pm.

Steve may be gone until Oct. 31 on an extended business outing.

Family Campout will be July 24-25 -- next weekend!

Pizza party/flag raising will be either 8/28 or 9/4.

Child protection training will be 8/31 or 9/29 (for renewals), if needed.

September 11 will be the FIRST offical pack meeting/cookout to kick off the new year at 6pm. If weather is bad, we will meet over at the church.

We added all the District meeting dates to the Pack Calendar, including all popcorn dates.

The Council Haunted hayrides are the 3 weekends preceeding Halloween: 9/10, 16/17, 23/24.

We will ask Pat Cassell to put together a music video multimedia presentation to show at the popcorn kickoff.

Western Reserve Academy has offered it's facility for any of our den meetings, courtesy Bill Bugg.

Great Trail Council still needs payment for the canoes....

There was a discussion about the Blue & Gold banquet serving as the a Crossover event for Webelos II instead of the advancement event. We would then have an advancement meeting later in the our last pack meeting at Hudson Springs on June 4.


Hocking Hills Campout Summary

The weather was really nice this year -- 60-70 and sunny on Saturday, light showers Sunday morning, then clearing. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a very fun Spring Campout. We left Hudson at about 8:30 Saturday morning, stopping at restaurants on the way down (in Logan), then began hiking at about 1:00pm at Old Man's Cave.

We then explored nearby Ash Cave, where two weddings were just breaking up, then headed to set up tents at the Youth Group primitive site (primitive means only pit toilets). After (mostly) successfully setting up tents, we started Chili and hot dog preparations. The chili was one of the best campout dinners I've ever had - nice cookin' guys! A campfire was enjoyed by all, along with camper pies, s'mores and popcorn roasted over the fire. Scouts enjoyed playing Ghost in the Graveyard, among other games well into the night.

The next morning, we awoke to a very light rain, not even worthy of rain coats. About eight families decided to stay and hike more, while most of the Pack headed back home. We visited Cedar Falls, then went upstream and crossed Queer Creek on the hanging bridge. Then four families did the 2.5 mile hike to Old Man's Cave, passing by Happy Lake.

See the pictures below:
Cub Scout Pack 3327 Hocking Hills


Hocking Hills Spring Campout Details

Last Minute Details from CubMaster "Hill Blaster" Mileski

Here is the first of probably several e-mails regarding the Spring Campout on Saturday.


If you can open the following link to our Hocking Hills Campsite, it will give you directions to within about 600 yds from where we will meet at Hocking Hills at about 1:00pm on Saturday. This was the closest address I had. The large parking lot that we are going to meet in is located on the north side of SR 664 about 600 yards west of this address (Ranger/Check-in Station) and is immediately past Culp Road which intersects with SR 664 from the north.

If you can't open the link, then enter "Hudson" as your starting point and enter "19852 State Route 664 S, Logan, OH 43138" as your end point. This should get you there. Click on the images below for a larger view.

Satellite View:

Don't forget rain gear and bug spray. Hopefully we'll need the bug spray more than the rain gear. It looks like it's going to rain on Friday and maybe Saturday morning. Hopefully it'll pass before we get down there in the afternoon, but be prepared just the same. The good thing about the rain is the falls and streams will be flowing pretty nicely.

Randy Coleman is bringing his trailer down to Hocking Hills to pick up firewood. He'll have it in his garage Friday evening ready for anyone that has gear that they can't fit in their vehicle. We may use it to haul the food coolers unless we get to the park and ride lot and find that there is enough room for them inside other vehicles. If anyone has anything they need to bring down that won't fit in their vehicle, give Randy a call to see what time you can bring it over Friday evening.

At last count we have a cozy little group of 70. So I'll be buying food for that number. As a reminder, we'll be having hot dogs/chili dogs and smores on Saturday night and eggs and bacon on Sunday morning. We'll also provide drinks for the campsite. Please remember to bring any snacks that you and your scout like and maybe some drinks for hiking. We'll be stopping for lunch in or around Lancaster that should hold us over until dinner. Don't forget to bring forks for cooking your hot dogs and mess kits or the like for cooking breakfast.

Also, everyone is free to drive down on your own. You don't need to follow the pack down in convoy formation. I know it can be difficult.


Spring Campout Details - Hocking Hills 2009

Camping Details from the CubMaster:

There is no deadline to sign up for the Spring Campout to Hocking Hills State Park, however, the two campsites hold 60 people each for a total of 120 campers. I apologize, I may have e-mailed or told some people we had 2 - 100 person campsites reserved, however we have 2 adjacent 60 person sites reserved.

Therefore, it is first come, first serve for the 1st 120 scouts and parents. I will have a current head count hopefully by this weekend. This also means that we should limit it to scouts and parents first. If by early next week we are below 120 campers, we can start adding some siblings into the mix. I would imagine we'll have a little extra room. We would have to have 60 scouts go camping w/ 1 parent per scout to reach 120. Plus there are at least 4 dads w/ 2 scouts so that frees up 4 spaces.

We can drive right up to the campsite. However, the park rangers couldn't give me a maximum number of cars that we could park in the field, but they said there was quite a bit of room. We might need to work on car pooling a bit more. If you can, ride down with someone else.

Beverage Details:
Also water is about 1 mile away at Ash Cave. We can haul water in the drink coolers and we'll have 3 wash basins for dishes. One w/ soap for washing, one w/ disinfecting tablets, and one with clean rinse water. We can use them for washing up on Saturday night, then we can clean them out and refill them for cleaning mess kits and utensils on Sunday. For personal convenience, I recommend that everyone bring an extra gallon or 2 of water for washing or drinking, even though we'll provide drinks. And if you plan on hiking on Sunday, be prepared to bring water or drinks to carry along with you. We will provide bug juice in the coolers and we'll also provide bottles of water for visiting the caves and falls on Saturday, however, there may not be enough to carry over into Sunday. If there is left over bug juice on Sunday, we can refill our own water bottles, camel backs, or canteens to use it up.

If you don't already know, the Pack will be providing hot dogs/chili dogs, drinks and smores on Saturday night. On Sunday we will be providing eggs and bacon and orange juice. We don't plan on bringing any plates or cups or plastic ware, so please bring your own utensils and mess kits w/ cup and bowl/plate, store bought or homemade will do just fine.

Parents, you know what your scouts like to eat for snacks, so please bring snacks for you and your scout to tie you over between meals.

Saturday Lunch:
I haven't been able to find anyplace cool or unusual to stop for lunch. Worst case scenario, we can stop at a Dairy Queen or the like in Lancaster. I know I'll never turn down a flame broiled burger and a large strawberry milkshake. If anyone knows of anyplace, please let me know.

We can't check in until 3:00 pm. So I figure the daily schedule will be something like this:

7:30 am - Meet in HUMC parking lot
8:00 am - Leave promptly from HUMC
11:00 am - Noon - Eat lunch in or around Lancaster
1:00 pm - Arrive at Hocking Hills State Park in the huge, long parking lot on the north side of State Route 664 across from Old Man's Cave.
5:00 - 6:00 pm - Check in and start setting up camp. We can't check in before 3:00 pm but we can check in as late at 7:00 pm. However, if we check in by 6:00 pm that'll give us plenty of time to set up camp and start dinner, etc.
8:00 pm - Skits, songs, etc
10:00 pm - Quiet time in park

Breakfast, hiking, fishing, and depart at your own leisure.

No Hauling Firewood:
Note that we were planning on bringing down firewood, however due to the Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine, we cannot. Even though Summit County is not yet under quarantine, we are not allowed to bring the wood through any counties that are, which we would have to do in order to get to Hocking Hills. So, we will purchase firewood in the park or outside of the park in Hocking County. So, please don't bring any firewood down individually.

Fishing Opportunity:
Also, if there is anyone who wants to go fishing on Sunday and you don't have a license, you are in luck, May 2nd and 3rd are Free Fishing Days in Ohio. Kids under 16 years of age don't need a license regardless.

***For those who long for the aroma of fall campout, there are pit restrooms at the campsite***


Gear List for Spring Campout

What to pack for the Spring Campout: (or ANY campout)

Gear for each adult/Scout team:-Tent
-Ground cloth for tent
-Water containers
-Marshmallow roasting sticks

Gear for each person:
-Clothing to wear:
-Hiking boots (or if you don’t have them, wear tennis shoes)
-Scout shirt
-T-shirt (under Scout shirt)
-Jeans or other pants
-Jacket or warm sweatshirt (if it’s cold, layer up and wear a coat over a sweatshirt)
-Wolf hat

-Clothing to pack:
-1 extra pair of jeans or pants
-1 extra T-shirt for Sunday
-Sleeping clothes: pj’s, long johns, or an extra T-shirt and underwear
-3 extra pairs of socks (1 for sleeping, 1 for Sunday, and 1 emergency pair)
-2 extra pairs of underwear (1 for Sunday, 1 for emergency)

-Wash kit:-Soap
-Hand towel
-Soap (small bar)
-Travel bag or Ziploc bag to hold wash kit items

-Mess kit:
-Plastic or metal plate
-Plastic or metal bowl (optional)
-Fork, spoon and knife
-Plastic or metal cup or mug
-Washcloth or sponge for cleanup
-Container or Ziploc bag to hold mess kit items

-Other gear:
-Backpack or duffel bag (to hold everything except your sleeping bag, tent and what you are wearing)
-Sleeping bag (inside a trash bag -- keeps it dry)
-Gloves and warm hat
-Poncho or rain coat
-Canteen or water bottle (already filled)
-Toilet paper in a Ziploc bag (optional)
-Dirty clothes bag (plastic trash bag)
-Hand cleaner

-Optional items:
-Extra pair of shoes
-Air mattress
-Cards or tent game -- NO ELECTRONIC GAMES!


April 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Bob Lee brought the flag holders to the meeting -- we actually have flag holders. Now John Kozar has them.

Next pack meeting (April 17) will be at 6:30pm -- not 7pm. Scouts should be there at 6:15pm.

Jen suggested using Enchanted Learning for a resource to grab Jurrasic Pack theme printouts and games. We could start these activities at 6:15 to encourage Scouts to settle in early. Randy will pick up little prizes to offer up as incentive to complete said games.

Crossover will last 30 minutes max; we will still have a bake sale (Tigers). Bob has been in contact with both 333 and 327 regarding the crossover ceremony. Webelos will do the opening.

Larry shared with us his experience of going to the Kent Bog with the Tigers for a Jurrasic Outing.

Spring Campout to Hocking Hills State Park

Leaders need to remind their members to make up a mess kit to bring on the campout:
One side note regarding Spring campout. Once again remind dens to either purchase mess kits (Wal-mart, Target, Kamper City, Dick's etc) or make up their own before the campout. Remember everyone will be on their own for meal preparation (food will be provided). The following is Ed Kennedy's suggestion for making up your own "homemade" mess kit:

Here is a list of what the scouts can use for a simple mess kit:
-a low, flat Tupperware or other plastic bowl that serves as both a plate and a bowl (you only need one item to eat from)
-a plastic mug for drinking, or just use the canteen or water bottle that you should have brought on the campout
-an old fork and/or spoon
-a small dishcloth to wash and/or dry everything
-a Ziploc bag to hold all of the above
-if you are going to cook over a fire, bring a small skillet or frying pan and a spatula from home
-Bears and Webelos should have pocket knives to use; for Tigers and Wolves, the parent/guardian should have a knife

Randy volunteered to go down early to campsite if needed for registration.

John Kozar will fill out the tour permit.

Meet at church at 7am Saturday morning, May2, for departure soon thereafter.

Physicals: Make sure ALL people (adults and cubs) bring a Class I medical form.

All den leaders: All dens should plan to have a shakedown meeting before the campout. This is where the Cub Scouts should show up with EVERYTHING they plan to take on the campout.

Helpful hints:
Bug sprays disable the waterproofing on the tents.

1. What time does the registrar open?
2. What are our acitivities? Hike after lunch somewhere there... Den leaders, provide any scheduled activities your own den would like to do.

Next Committee Meeting will be April 26 to finalize campout details.

P.S. From Jennifer Morris:

John asked the Den leaders to have activities ready for their dens for the gathering time for the pack meeting. Have the kids arrive at 6:15 and begin at 6:30pm. During this gathering time - the kids can do printable pages/puzzles based on the theme of the meeting. (this on is Jurasic Pack) For ever two pages they complete - they can turn them in for a small "prize" - Randy's getting a barrel of plastic dinos for incentives. I would suggest having 5-6 different puzzle pages ready for your den. This way the kids can choose what they want to do - and can have friendly competition for who can get the dinos from the den. You will want to let the dens know this - so they can get there on time to start the activity.

Here's some dino printable pages for ideas:

I made the suggestion at our meeting that each den leader have a small first aid kit (dollar store) , an instant ice pack (dollar store) and Gold Bond First Aid Spray in their day pack for the Hocking Hills Campout. This spray covers infection, insects bites, and burns. It's the only thng that works with my boys because it doesn't sting at all and smells good. Here's a picture of it:


Blue & Gold 2009

We rented the Happy Days Lodge this year for a change from previous years. Had the event catered and decorated/cleaned up the lodge on our own. With beautiful weather outside, it was hard to keep a bunch of active Scouts and their families inside. The food was excellent!

Sorry about the late date (5/24/09) of this post -- I completely forgot about it.
Check out the pictures below:



Scouts Helping Others -- Gifts of the Heart

Here is a great opportunity to show your son how a Cub Scout can help other people.
Please bring the following items in to either DEN meetings or PACK meetings as you are able to. Dave Heater will collect them and forward them on to the MOECOMDWS council at the end of the month.

For Gifts of the Heart we will be collecting:
March -- nail clippers and combs
April-- bandaids and toothbrushes
May -- nail clippers and 1-gallon size zippered bags (i.e. Zip-lock)
June to September-- wash cloths, wide-toothed combs, nail clippers and toothbrushes

MOE scouters & scouts have done a tremendous job in helping to supply Church World Services with health kits over the past several years, each year sending over 100 individual kits. As mentioned last month, some of those kits were used for relief from the heavy ice storms that hit the south a few months back.


2009 Pinewood Derby!

This year's Pinwood Derby was the largest participation we've seen in the last 6 years or more. Thank you to ALL the Scouts and parents who participated in this year's fine event.
Special thanks to the ever energetic, super-specatacular announcer and organizer, Steve Mileski, and our overly organized consessions manager, Charlene, for their extra efforts in preparing for this event. (Please comment on this post if you are interested in organizing or assisting next year)

Click here to see a few pictures of the race day: (if you have more you could share, please send me a link to them)
Pat Cassel's 217 pictures are here:

My 16 pictures are here:

The boys all had fun racing against each other. Each car was run once in each lane for a total of 62 races. The standings below indicate average race times for those three heats. (Click for larger image) Except for the overall top three racers, The Den winners were taken from these results:

The top 12 fastest finishers then ran off against each other to determine the top 3 winners of the pack. These Scouts will then go to the District Finals at Chapel Hill Mall Saturday, April 18. These results are as follows:

Here are the derby winners:

1st - Brian Glen
2nd - Josh Burgan
3rd - AJ Heater

1st - Matthew Roberts
2nd - Michael Mileski
3rd - Mason Meyer

1st - John Bowersock
2nd - Max Katila
3rd - Adam Beucler

1st - Cray Donoughe
2nd - Alexander House
3rd - Graham Buchanan

1st - Mark Roberts
2nd - Nathan Mulcahey
3rd - Jack Sarkisian

Special Category Awards
Craziest Car - Cameron Coy
Most Like a Racecar - Gavin Wingader
Most Aerodynamic - Mark Roberts
Most Creative - Casey Peck
Most Unique - Matthew Mileski
Best Looking - Mitchell Cox
Best Design - Matthew Morris
Most Detailed - Aiden Fultz


March 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Pinewood Derby:
Lee: LCD TV + Fence buckets + DVD player for movie
Heater: Projector + screen (Call Summit Racing for any loaner signs)
Buchanan: PA Sound system
Kozar: Flag border
Concessions: Char Mileski and Melissa Ford
Trophies: Mileski -- we're skipping the patches this year, since Scout shop is out and they're costly.
Baked Goods: Last names ending in A-L, please bring finger food baked goods to sell at the concession stand.

Misc Items:
Outdoor webelos training opportunities (OWL) for Bear leaders

Blue & Gold Banquet:
Leaders need to contact their members who have not yet signed up, since Monday 3/2 is the deadline for the RSVP. We NEED to borrow a few long tables (possibly from Bill Bugg)
Baked Goods: Last names ending in M-Z, please bring finger food baked goods for dessert.


February 2009 Committe Meeting Minutes

Steve purchased Peterson Bird guides and Larry has a wildflower guide that he'll share.

We will do a pack outing at Step Right Up (hotdogs and doughnuts) during the week sometime this month. Cubs will get to see the doughnuts being made. 10% of the purchases will be donated back to the pack.

The Blue & Gold Banquet at Happy Days Visitor Center will cost about the same (ESTIMATE is $12 per person, 4 and under free). 1 to 4:30pm. Entertainment is probably going to be a Scout specialist who will show us how to start fires and other survivalist skills. Some families will bring baked goods for desserts for the B&G; cookies and brownies. We also need to clean up the facilities afterwards. We need to borrow some tables from the church. We will reserve a date with the Hudson Holiday Inn next year; March 14th is ideal.

Pinewood Derby is 3/7 with practice on 2/28. Dave M. will pick up patches. Dave H. will forward trophy information to Steve M.

Pack Meeting: (Theme is ABC's of America -- Steve will go through tourist sites in America by alhpabet)
Wolves = skit
Webelos = opening
Bears = baked goods

Den leaders: Make SURE your den has a pre-pack meeting activity planned so kids DO NOT run around like chickens with their heads cut off before the meeting. One corner per den. Be EXTRA cautious about spilling anything on the carpet.


Tiger Cubs Crash Klondike!

The Tiger Cubs made their awesome presence known on Saturday, 1/24/09, at the Boy Scout's Klondike Derby. The snow was about a foot deep this year with some really COLD (17 degree) weather. Hopefully most of these guys return to experience the entire weekend as a Boy Scout some day. Roll on, boys!


2009 Cake Walk!

We had an unprecedented number of cakes this year at 55! That's a LOT of sugar, flour and eggs arranged in many creative ways. Check out the pictures in Picasa here:
2009 Cub Scout CakeWalk


January 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Hello Leaders,

We discussed lending our PWD track to Pack 3321 with most everyone agree that there would be too much of a risk of breakage. Other issues involved the software, timing, and extra work moving the track and having one of our leaders staying w/ the track during their PWD. We'll see if they want our old track instead.

We discussed buying new flag poles, or at least purchasing new eagles or finials on top if the existing can be removed

We are going to buy a set of Peterson Guides to Birds, Trees, etc. for each den to use whenever they go on hikes

We are going to buy a charcoal brickette chimney for the Dutch ovens.

Larry Schmidt informed us that the HUMC Scout Sunday is February 8th at the 9:00am service. Please let everyone in your dens know. All leaders and scouts dress in full uniform.

Leaders sign up for the University of Scouting by January 29th to get lunch. After the 29th, no lunch but same price. The pack will pay the $25.00 fee. The U of S is on February 7th from 7:45am to 4:00pm (registration is from 7:15 to 7:40am). It seems long, but the day flies by since you get to select the courses that interest you.

We plan on having a Pack Dinner Night at Ci Ci's Pizza in February, maybe the week of February 9th. They will give 10% of sales back to our pack. John Kozar will let us know the details.

For this Friday's Pack Meeting.....
Bears will perform the opening w/ the help of a Webelo.

Den leaders, please prepare an activity/game for each of your dens to keep them entertained from their arrival to the opening of the meeting. Dave Mulcahey told me tonight that Troop 333 will provide Den Chiefs for the Bears and Wolves at the meeting. Show the Den Chief your activity/game for them to lead the cubbys. We'll designate the four corners of the CAC, one for each den, so that the scouts aren't running around prior to the meeting.

We won't perform skits due to the cake walk taking so much time. However, we will hand out awards. I will present the year pins to everyone.

We need to have someone make sure the scouts sit down and watch the remainder of the cake walk after they've chosen their cake. If not a leader, a Den Chief can do it.

We used Heaters and one other radio last year. If I remember correctly, we played the Buckeye Fight Song. But we can play any music. If anyone has music of choice and a nice radio, please bring it to the meeting. Let everyone know in advance.

After we finish the cake walk, we can finish the pie throwing for those scouts who haven't done so. John Kozar will bring the tarp.

John Kozar will also bring stickers/name tags for scout-cake tracking. I'll bring masking tape and pre-number some scrap paper from work up to 50 to tape to the floor. Looks like we currently have 65 active scouts so bring at least that many tags.

Do we need to make a run down to the scout shop, or do we have all of the awards in hand?