2007 Memorial Day Parade

This year's Memorial Day parade was a rolling success! Our entire Pack wore roller blades or scooters to make the long hike a little more thrilling. This year we reconstructed the parade banner; each boy pitched in to cut out letters and glue them to the banner at a pizza party. This year our troop proudly honored our soldiers fighting for our freedom in Iraq. We ask a special blessing on each of the families in our area with sons and daughters fighting this terrible war on terrorism.


2007 Spring Campout: Wright-Patterson AFB

This year we went to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on May 5 to take in the myriad of aircraft on display in Dayton, Ohio. We tent-camped on the Air Force Base near the end of the runway and got to experience a huge C-141 cargo plane take-off! This was what Scouting was about; great campfires, great skits, and a great time seeing the museum. The rain cleared off just in time for us to setup tents and the remainder of the time we had excellent weather. Cost for this trip was minimal; we even got to stop at Young's Dairy in Springfield on our way there.