Looking for things to do?

Then check out where you can search for events taking place within x miles of Akron or any other city: Ohio Events Search

Cub Scouts are an adventurous type and can use to search for cool things to do. For instance, there is an Owl Hike taking place this Saturday night at 7pm at Lock 4 on the Ohio & Erie Canal towpath.


Novermber Committee Meeting

Kicking around ideas for Blue & Gold location on 3/15/09:
  • Parasons
  • Manatoc Dining Hall (ask Mike Jones) -- Order of the Arrow could serve?
  • Ask Troop 327 if they could do spaghetti dinner at our church (seating capacity is 15 tables of 8 each (120) -- maybe not enough.

    Spring Campout -- Steve is calling reservations in at Hocking Hills

    Pack Meeting this Friday 11/7/08:
  • Start time will be moved to 7:30pm.
  • Theme is "Seeds of Kindness"
  • Duties
    Tigers -- baked goods
    Wolves -- opening & a skit
    Webelos -- skit
  • Rearrange the seating so Tigers are in middle: Webelos, Bears, Tigers, Wolves

    Popcorn Pickup: Nov. 15th

    Need volunteers with large vehicles to pickup the popcorn and drop off at Kozars.

    Code of Conduct:

    We talked about implementing a Pack-wide code of conduct to get the attention span of the kids and parents at our meetings.

    Marble Museum in Akron:
    Possible pack activity on 1/24/09.
    Larry is looking into it.

    Check out the Junior Web Ranger program: