Tiger Cubs Crash Klondike!

The Tiger Cubs made their awesome presence known on Saturday, 1/24/09, at the Boy Scout's Klondike Derby. The snow was about a foot deep this year with some really COLD (17 degree) weather. Hopefully most of these guys return to experience the entire weekend as a Boy Scout some day. Roll on, boys!


2009 Cake Walk!

We had an unprecedented number of cakes this year at 55! That's a LOT of sugar, flour and eggs arranged in many creative ways. Check out the pictures in Picasa here:
2009 Cub Scout CakeWalk


January 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Hello Leaders,

We discussed lending our PWD track to Pack 3321 with most everyone agree that there would be too much of a risk of breakage. Other issues involved the software, timing, and extra work moving the track and having one of our leaders staying w/ the track during their PWD. We'll see if they want our old track instead.

We discussed buying new flag poles, or at least purchasing new eagles or finials on top if the existing can be removed

We are going to buy a set of Peterson Guides to Birds, Trees, etc. for each den to use whenever they go on hikes

We are going to buy a charcoal brickette chimney for the Dutch ovens.

Larry Schmidt informed us that the HUMC Scout Sunday is February 8th at the 9:00am service. Please let everyone in your dens know. All leaders and scouts dress in full uniform.

Leaders sign up for the University of Scouting by January 29th to get lunch. After the 29th, no lunch but same price. The pack will pay the $25.00 fee. The U of S is on February 7th from 7:45am to 4:00pm (registration is from 7:15 to 7:40am). It seems long, but the day flies by since you get to select the courses that interest you.

We plan on having a Pack Dinner Night at Ci Ci's Pizza in February, maybe the week of February 9th. They will give 10% of sales back to our pack. John Kozar will let us know the details.

For this Friday's Pack Meeting.....
Bears will perform the opening w/ the help of a Webelo.

Den leaders, please prepare an activity/game for each of your dens to keep them entertained from their arrival to the opening of the meeting. Dave Mulcahey told me tonight that Troop 333 will provide Den Chiefs for the Bears and Wolves at the meeting. Show the Den Chief your activity/game for them to lead the cubbys. We'll designate the four corners of the CAC, one for each den, so that the scouts aren't running around prior to the meeting.

We won't perform skits due to the cake walk taking so much time. However, we will hand out awards. I will present the year pins to everyone.

We need to have someone make sure the scouts sit down and watch the remainder of the cake walk after they've chosen their cake. If not a leader, a Den Chief can do it.

We used Heaters and one other radio last year. If I remember correctly, we played the Buckeye Fight Song. But we can play any music. If anyone has music of choice and a nice radio, please bring it to the meeting. Let everyone know in advance.

After we finish the cake walk, we can finish the pie throwing for those scouts who haven't done so. John Kozar will bring the tarp.

John Kozar will also bring stickers/name tags for scout-cake tracking. I'll bring masking tape and pre-number some scrap paper from work up to 50 to tape to the floor. Looks like we currently have 65 active scouts so bring at least that many tags.

Do we need to make a run down to the scout shop, or do we have all of the awards in hand?