Blue & Gold 2009

We rented the Happy Days Lodge this year for a change from previous years. Had the event catered and decorated/cleaned up the lodge on our own. With beautiful weather outside, it was hard to keep a bunch of active Scouts and their families inside. The food was excellent!

Sorry about the late date (5/24/09) of this post -- I completely forgot about it.
Check out the pictures below:



Scouts Helping Others -- Gifts of the Heart

Here is a great opportunity to show your son how a Cub Scout can help other people.
Please bring the following items in to either DEN meetings or PACK meetings as you are able to. Dave Heater will collect them and forward them on to the MOECOMDWS council at the end of the month.

For Gifts of the Heart we will be collecting:
March -- nail clippers and combs
April-- bandaids and toothbrushes
May -- nail clippers and 1-gallon size zippered bags (i.e. Zip-lock)
June to September-- wash cloths, wide-toothed combs, nail clippers and toothbrushes

MOE scouters & scouts have done a tremendous job in helping to supply Church World Services with health kits over the past several years, each year sending over 100 individual kits. As mentioned last month, some of those kits were used for relief from the heavy ice storms that hit the south a few months back.


2009 Pinewood Derby!

This year's Pinwood Derby was the largest participation we've seen in the last 6 years or more. Thank you to ALL the Scouts and parents who participated in this year's fine event.
Special thanks to the ever energetic, super-specatacular announcer and organizer, Steve Mileski, and our overly organized consessions manager, Charlene, for their extra efforts in preparing for this event. (Please comment on this post if you are interested in organizing or assisting next year)

Click here to see a few pictures of the race day: (if you have more you could share, please send me a link to them)
Pat Cassel's 217 pictures are here:

My 16 pictures are here:

The boys all had fun racing against each other. Each car was run once in each lane for a total of 62 races. The standings below indicate average race times for those three heats. (Click for larger image) Except for the overall top three racers, The Den winners were taken from these results:

The top 12 fastest finishers then ran off against each other to determine the top 3 winners of the pack. These Scouts will then go to the District Finals at Chapel Hill Mall Saturday, April 18. These results are as follows:

Here are the derby winners:

1st - Brian Glen
2nd - Josh Burgan
3rd - AJ Heater

1st - Matthew Roberts
2nd - Michael Mileski
3rd - Mason Meyer

1st - John Bowersock
2nd - Max Katila
3rd - Adam Beucler

1st - Cray Donoughe
2nd - Alexander House
3rd - Graham Buchanan

1st - Mark Roberts
2nd - Nathan Mulcahey
3rd - Jack Sarkisian

Special Category Awards
Craziest Car - Cameron Coy
Most Like a Racecar - Gavin Wingader
Most Aerodynamic - Mark Roberts
Most Creative - Casey Peck
Most Unique - Matthew Mileski
Best Looking - Mitchell Cox
Best Design - Matthew Morris
Most Detailed - Aiden Fultz


March 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Pinewood Derby:
Lee: LCD TV + Fence buckets + DVD player for movie
Heater: Projector + screen (Call Summit Racing for any loaner signs)
Buchanan: PA Sound system
Kozar: Flag border
Concessions: Char Mileski and Melissa Ford
Trophies: Mileski -- we're skipping the patches this year, since Scout shop is out and they're costly.
Baked Goods: Last names ending in A-L, please bring finger food baked goods to sell at the concession stand.

Misc Items:
Outdoor webelos training opportunities (OWL) for Bear leaders

Blue & Gold Banquet:
Leaders need to contact their members who have not yet signed up, since Monday 3/2 is the deadline for the RSVP. We NEED to borrow a few long tables (possibly from Bill Bugg)
Baked Goods: Last names ending in M-Z, please bring finger food baked goods for dessert.