Webelos visit the Cleveland Zoo August 26, 2006

Our Webelos den visited the zoo on a very hot and sunny day in August. Most of the animals were not moving at all due to the heat.

Our group of monkeysThink, think, think...

Move, darn Polar BearTwo icons of greatness

Here Kitty, Kitty...The den pauses for a moment of introspection

Mr. Mulcahey does his best "Giraffe" impressionMrs. Morris is a natural with the Giraffes

Madagascar, here we come.Time for refreshments -- ICEES hit the spot.

Just Hangin round...Me too!

Spiders in a web

Webelos Residence Camp at Manatoc -- August 9 to 12, 2006

We had seven Webelos 1 Cub Scouts attend a beautiful 3-day, 3-night campout at Camp Manatoc (the Great Trails Council Boy Scout camp). This was JUST like real Boy Scout camp, only perfect weather and only 1/2 a week. Check out some of the great times we had:

Mr. Mulcahey lays down the law...The main flag pole is 99.5 ft. tall; 100 ft. requires a blinking red light.

Our happy group of campersTyler settles in to home sweet tent

Straightest line gets to eat first! We never went in first...All hail the Cheif!

Evening pass and reviewWe're gonna sing one of MY favorite songs too, Richard!

Sam's ready to EATFitness Activity Badge -- Ugh!

This is a pine tree...Did you catch any yet?

Never stand up in a canoeMitchell, Tyler and Allan take a well-deserved lunch break at the flag pole

Bike racing in a field?Ooo La La. Kiss the moose.

There's something fishy about this totem poleHere's how you load it...

Ready, aim...Take THAT you paint cans!

Valley View was our campsite this yearHere's all the camp attendees

We were always standing in linesOur last night was beautiful too -- see you next year.


Cub Scout Summer Camp 2006

The Wolf den enjoyed a great time at Camp Butler this July. Check out the fun we had: