May 2008 Committee Meeting

Memorial Day Parade:Meet at 10:15 behind Acme with Razor-type scooters or roller-blades.

Pack Picnic:Meet at 6pm on 6/6/08 at Hudson Springs Park, the second pavilion. Bring your hat and neckerchief to hand off to the younger Cub Scouts moving up if you don't need to keep them. Parents should pick up hats and neckerchiefs for next year's ranks for their sons. Parents, please bring a side-dish or dessert to the picnic.
Year pins will also be handed out at the picnic.

Mighty Moe Day Camp... is July 17th, 18th, 19th.

Webelos Resident Camp:Session 1 from July 27th - July 30th..... Session 2 from July 30th to Aug 2nd....Please check your calendar and get back to your den leader (Bob Lee) on which session you wish to attend.

Possible Summer Activities:
Aeros Baseball Game (6pm June 29)
Hudson Springs Campout
Acme Hotdog Sale Fundraiser
Car Wash Fundraiser