2008 Fall Campout

We held our Fall Campout this past weekend (9/26,27,28) for TWO nights for the first time ever! It was a huge success with more activities than ever before. The boys did BB guns, archery and fishing in addition to completing some specific activities with their dens. They all pitched in to help make the whole camping experience fun.
So many thanks to the organizing leaders, especially Steve M. for buying and bringing most of the food. The Kozars provided an excellent pasta meal Friday night and the Scouts had a ton of fun assembling their hamburger ala foil diners and cooking them on the fire Saturday night.

Check out my pictures here:
2008 Cub Scout Fall Campout

Check out Jennifer's pictures here:


Fall Campout 2008 Schedule

Greetings Scouts!
The schedule for this weekend's Fall Campout at Manatoc (Valley View and Vale Edge Campsites) is this:
-Arrive at camp at 5:00 to 5:30pm if possible
-Gather firewood, run around, explore
-Dinner at 6:30pm
-Campfire afterwards

Saturday: (click to enlarge)

- 8:30 or 9am - Breakfast (cold cereal and juice)
- Camp site clean up and leave site at leisure


Scout Meeting Monthly Helps

Thanks to Jennifer M., who scanned in the monthly helps for meeting ideas. Please click on one of the links below if you are leading a Cub Scout meeting for meeting plans. There are references to the How To book, which our pack leaders have; if you need to borrow it, please contact Steve Mileski.

Tiger Helps

Wolf Helps

Bear Helps

Again, thank you, Jennifer!


September Committe Meeting (Fall Camp Planning)

Steve M., Doug L., Jen M., Dave M., Dave H., Bob L., Steve C.

School Night:
Dave H., Bob, Steve M., Doug, Steve C.
- Be at Ellsworth Elementary at 6pm (ends at 8pm).
- Bring digital picture frame with updated pictures
- Bring patches (on bulletin board)
- Bring velcro nerf guns

BB Gun and Archery Training
Either this Thursday (9/18) or NEXT Monday (9/22) at 7pm at HUMC

New Leader Training
October 4th -- see the MOE Calendar here.

- Steve M. will be the Tiger den mentor
- Dave M. may have the year pins at his house -- he will check.
**** A parent volunteer is needed for monthly advancement award pick ups from the Scout Shop in Akron ****
The Scout Shop is located here:

View Larger Map

Popcorn Meetings:
- John K. and Steve M. are going to the popcorn meeting
- Talked about getting incentives to hold up in front of Scouts to sell $300 worth of popcorn.
- Need to create a list of how popcorn profits are used (campouts, events)

Fall Family Campout on 9/26 to 9/28!
Location: Camp Manatoc -- see map here. We are at the Valley View and Vally Forge camp sites just to the left when coming up the Manatoc entrance road. (Parking on the right).
**** NOTE: No aerosol cans are allowed in Manatoc ****
Note: People are URGED to stay in a cabin, since each person costs $2 extra for tent camping. The site holds 48 total, so some will have to stay in a tent.
Den Leaders need to make schedules for their dens for Saturday daytime activities.
- Steve M. will come up with a duties list and run it by the leaders.
- Friday Dinner: Kozars have Friday night dinner covered
- Saturday Breakfast: Need a volunteer
- Saturday Lunch: Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, chips, apples
- Saturday Dinner: Each Scout will assemble hamburger all-a-foil dinners on Saturday
night. Webelos will prepare the dinner.
- Sunday breakfast: fruit & rolls
- Dave H. bring coleman stove
- Everyone bring pop Saturday night
- Steve M. is going to get all the food.
- Jen proposed ordering glow sticks for all the Scouts ($20 for 50) -- let's do it!
- Firewood: urged to just pick it up there; however, if it's rainy, we should each bring a little.

Sleeping arrangements:
Tigers will stay in a cabin together.

Good Turn Day is Saturday, Nov. 1
- 9am to 2pm: If Scouts drop off 3 bags of items, they can earn the Good Turn patch

Spring Campout Options
  • 4-H Camp on Kelley's Island
  • Hocking Hills
  • Laurel Highlands