September 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Dues: Den leaders, please ask your Cubs to submit their $40 dues to John Kozar.

Remind your Cub Scouts to sell, sell, sell!
We will again do a pie in the face for a half sheet of sales!

Fall Campout:
Camp opens at 5pm -- we will arrive between 5 and 7pm.
Get a final count of Scouts attending by Wednesday.
Make sure Cub Scouts and parents all bring health forms (parts A and C).
Dave M. will be the official camp health form collector and greeter at our camp site.
If any mothers want to stay overnight, they must stay in the health lodge or a tent; they can't stay in a cabin with the boys.
Refer to Ed's schedule:

Webelos 2's will go with the Tigers for the Archery and BB Gun ranges
Wolves and Bears will swap BB Gun times so Wolves won't have it right before they need to prepare lunch.
Bring clothes pins (for targets).

Nut allery NOTE: Jacob, a Tiger Scout, has a severe nut allergy.