February Committee Meeting Notes

February Pack Meeting
Minute to Win it (by Pat Cassell)
We have 10 games!! 10 minutes per game.
Note: This pack meeting will go extra long - notify parents.
Kids will stay with their team - each den leader gets a team to lead.
Pat will email schedule out. Team leader will decide which Scout gets to play which game (draw out of a hat?) 10 minute period.
Everybody does the last game.

Popcorn prizes will be awarded at this pack meeting!

Opening: Webelos 1

Charter: Steve Cox is handling and can do it online.

Two Liter bottle rockets was thrown out as a Pack event sometime.....

Scout Sunday is Feb. 13th at 11:10am! Wear Uniforms.

Tiger & Wolf Day Camp Coordinator needed (for 7/14 - 7/16)

Webelos Resident Camp Coordinator needed (for 8/3 - 8/6)

Buffalo Naval Park Coordinator needed (for 5/14 to 5/17) Remember, a PASSPORT is now required to go to Canada. Fee is $40 per person for this trip.

Pinewood Derby: Steve talked to Brad Bradshaw, who will provide us with free Coke products! Tiger moms typically coordinate the concession stand. Charlene Mileski coordinated it last year. Baked goods from two other dens (not Tigers). Coordinator is Charlene and Anissa.

Blue & Gold will be at the Clarion, since it's $500 cheaper.
NOTE to Jeff Cassell: Bluude is NOT equal to Blood (Fall Camp reference....)


Cakewalk 2011

This cakewalk had the MOST spectacular cakes we have ever seen in our history of holding a cakewalk. Check out the pictures here (use the username and password supplied by Pat Cassell).
Great job, Scouts!