February 2010 Committe Meeting Minutes

Pinewood Derby
Weigh-In -- Friday night: Steve and Jeff will bring drills
Awards toolbox - does John K. have this?
Steve M. already ordered trophies and will make voting cards.
Steve and Jeff will bring tarps for graphite.
Dave will bring screen, computer.
Jeff will bring projector, blankets (to stop cars).
Tigers will bring baked good to the Derby to sell.
Sharlene Cox is coordinating the snack shack mothers.

Blue & Gold Banquet
All parents EXCEPT TIGERS need to bring a dessert to share.
Jenn will take care of table center pieces and placemats.
Setup helpers need to be there at 10am.
Randy Coleman is doing the Friends of Scouting talk.
Lunch will begin at 1pm.
Den awards will be handed out as a group.