Webelos I Service Project

The Webelos I den spent a Saturday cleaning out the inner courtyard at Eastwoods school in Hudson. See the pictures here. Way to go, Scouts!


Webelos II Campout with Troop 327

All the Scouts had a great time with the Troop 327 Scouts who build a signal tower from "scratch" over the course of an entire Saturday. See the pictures here.


Webelos II Campout with Troop 327

Our First REAL SCOUT campout...

Webelos IIs, If you are planning on camping this weekend with Troop 327, respond to Larry Penman as soon as possible. They collected fees and forms last night.
If you are staying overnight, the camping fee is $2 + $10 for food ($12). Larry needs this ASAP so the grubmaster can purchase food.

If you are only able to join us Saturday for a partial campout and do not want to pay the $10 for food (since you won’t be there for Saturday’s dinner), make sure you bring a LUNCH or whatever food you need. If you can’t camp overnight, PLEASE come join us for signal tower fun Saturday. The goal of this campout is to build at free-standing, 10-foot tall tower using lashing skills (remember Fall Camp?). Should be lots of fun.

Everyone attending is required to bring the Medical Form (same as submitted for the Fall Camp). Ed Kennedy has those from Fall Camp, I believe; however, you can always turn in a fresh copy (located here ).

Also required for the campout:
Your uniform shirt! (No neckerchief). No shirt, no camping.

A warm and dry camper is a HAPPY CAMPER….

A waterproof container (ie. Backpack) to transport clothes/sleeping bag from the car to the camp site. Per troop policy, these are not allowed inside your tent; it should be waterproof and stored outside. You can bring a trash bag (several) and gym bag or other bag if you don’t have a backpack.
A small folding chair – we do not typically have any place to sit – no picnic tables, so bring something light to sit on. You don’t want to stand around ALL weekend.
• Water Bottle
• Mess Kit equivalent
• 3-4 pair of socks (wools are best) – keeping your feet warm is CRUCIAL to keeping your body warm.
• 3-4 pair of Underwear
• 2 pair of pants – avoid jeans (or any cotton) if possible. Wet jeans make you cold. That said, I will probably be wearing jeans, but have insulated tights under them.
• Waterproof boots
• T-shirts (3 – long sleeve)
• Sweatshirt
• Coat / warm jacket
• Gloves
• Hat
• Raincoat – water proof!
• Sleepwear – sweat pants, warm socks, sweatshirt
• Sleeping bag, foam mat
• Toothbrush
• Medications (must be given to the leader to be dispensed)
• 2 Flashlights

We are meeting at HUMC at 6pm Friday night to go to Butler. Arrive having eaten dinner already – there will be no Friday night dinner prepared – only Cracker Barrel (snacks).

Those arriving Saturday will need to ask where we are camping by checking in at the Camp Butler camp master’s cabin (on the left, just after going up the hill after passing the lake). I will try to have my cell phone also (330-995-8148).

2) Popcorn Orders – please turn in to John Kozar by this Saturday!
3) Our next meeting is scheduled for this coming Monday, Nov. 1, the day after our campout this weekend. 7-8:30pm. The following meeting on Nov. 15 will be at Kent State where Mr. Mileski will present Geologist to our den. Directions to our meeting place will be provided before the meeting.
4) Another campout opportunity is with Troop 333 on 11/13, so also consider this one. We will gauge interest Monday night.
5) Our next Pack meeting is next Friday (11/5) at 7pm.

Weather will be from 36 to 55 degrees this weekend and looks like it will be 20% chance for rain – not bad. See you there!

November Pack Meeting - Circus Fun!

The theme for the pack meeting will be "Circus Fun". We will have six stations set up for the scouts to rotate through.

Following are some other items to either bring or to be prepared for:

1) Pack Dues - If you haven't paid them yet, please bring a check for $40.00/scout to the pack meeting. Make checks payable to "Pack 3327"

2) Popcorn - Please submit all forms and all money to John Kozar by Saturday, October 30. Remember, if your scout sells at least $300 worth, he'll get to throw a pie in the face of his favorite (or least favorite) leader, possibly at the December Pack Meeting. The kids love throwing pies in our faces. I can't figure out why???: ) Also remember, if your scout sells $600 worth, he'll get a $50 gift card from the pack and will also get a marshmallow crossbow from BSA and will also be able to participate in the "Scout Day at the "Q"" and will get a free ticket for each of the following: an Indians, Cavs, Gladiators, and Lake Erie Monster game. So if your scout is close to either goal, go out and get it.

3) Salvation Army Bell Ringing - Please check your schedule for December 11th as I will be bringing a sign-up form for the annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing on 12/11 from 11am to 5pm. I believe this is our 4th year doing this and the kids always have fun especially if they ring with one or more of their best scouting buddies. It will be at the Walmart on Hudson Drive in Cuyahoga Falls next to Route 8. You can sign up for as much time as you want. Typical blocks of time are 1/2 hour or an hour. Just from experience, a half hour goes by very quick. By the time you get there, talk with scout parent in prior time slot, then talk w/ scout parent in next time slot, it seems like you're only there for about 15 minutes. For Bears or anyone else who won't be at the pack meeting, please contact Steve Mileski with your preferred time slot in advance of the pack meeting.

4) Shooting Patches - We will hand out shooting patches that most of the scouts earned at the fall campout. Bears received theirs if they attended Friday's den meeting since they won't be at the pack meeting. If your Bear wasn't at the den meeting and won't be at the pack meeting, please contact me and I'll get him his shooting patch soon instead of making him wait until December.

5) Awards - Some den leaders will hand out other awards prior to the Circus Skills/Games.

6) Baked Goods Raffle - Please bring at least a few dollars for your scout to buy some raffle tickets for the Baked Goods Raffle that we have at almost every pack meeting at HUMC. One den brings baked goods to each meeting (Webelos 1s for this meeting) that are raffled-off. The scout will hold the goodies he brought and will pick the ticket out of a basket and call the number. Which ever scout has the winning ticket will win the baked good.


October Committe Meeting

November 5th Pack Meeting
Under the Big Top:
Stilts - Ed K.
Corn hole - Dave H., Steve M.
Nerf targets - John G.
Juggling - Steve C.
Balance beam - Steve C.
Catapult - Dave H.

Opening: Webelo 2
Baked goods: Webelo 1

Future Pack Meetings
Magician? Dave H. will talk to our neighborhood magician for a FUTURE pack meeting.
Boomerangs? Steve C. will talk to Gary

Popcorn forms due by Saturday, Oct. 30 to Kozar.
Prizes: $300 for pie in the face; $600 for district incentives.

Community Cash Back from Acme: John G. will set this up and we will announce at next Pack mtg.

Pack Service Project: Start thinking about something that is both fun and beneficial.
One idea: Cutting grape vines at Hudson Springs Park


Tiger Day at the Zoo

On October 10, some additional Tigers went to the Akron Zoo. These were the kind that are REALLY wild! See the pictures below:


Fall Campout 2010

We had about 108 campers attend our beautiful Fall Camp this year at Camp Manatoc. Once again we stayed at Vally View / Vale Edge camp site on the entrance road to Manatoc.

Weather started out extremely hot Friday afternoon and night, then dropped 30 degrees to about 62 by Saturday morning. The Friday night hike was highlighted with the Ed Kennedy "Vinder Viper" horror story and some blazing campfires. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day where each den split off to do their own activities. The Saturday night campfire was excellent with many skits put together by each den and lowlighted by the leaders "If I were not a Boy Scout" song.

Many people put in some long hours in planning for the campout. The Kozars provided the Friday night "pasta and meatballs" dinner and prepared ALL of that great garlic bread on their grill beforehand. Jeff Cassell used double-boilers to keep all of the food WARM this year, which really turned out great compared to previous years where we never had anything warm. Ed Kennedy had a well-organized cleaning station setup to make washing hands and cleaning up an easy task. Thanks to all our volunteers who made this campout really nice!

Enjoy these pictures of the event.

See more pictures just submitted 10/17/2010!


May Committe Meeting

Spring Camp Out
Leaders will do "If I were not a Boy Scout" -- Heater to provide lyrics.

Jeff will pick up Dutch Ovens from Randy Coleman.
Steve has Dutch Oven tool and will give to Jeff.
Heater will bring the gas grill.
Jon Wagner will pull the trailer down Friday. Jeff will coordinate getting it from Bob Lee. Jon will drive it around to Mileskis and Heater's house for firewood.
Steve Cox will bring the first aid kit - remind him! Have Benadryl on hand.

Friday night: Hot Dogs, Chili
Saturday morning: Sausage, eggs, O.J.
Saturday night: Hamburgers, Chili
Sunday morning: Leftovers!

Kids should bring mess kits to the campout!

Kozar will assemble the Saturday group at the park and ride at 7:30am Saturday morning.

Mileski will check to see if water at base is potable.

Keith will give Larry Penman a call (Troop 327) to see if we could borrow their HUGE tent (the Taj-Mo Hall).

Friday and Saturday groups will meet up at 1pm at the Air Force Museum.

Parade Float -- send email out to dens to cancel float building. We may build a banner instead.

Last Pack Meeting is June 4th


100 Years of Scouting Patch

Check out the requirements to earn the ribbons that go on this limited edition 100 years of Scouting patch. Our Scouts will receive this patch at the Blue & Gold banquet and will be encouraged to fill it up with ribbons.


Blue & Gold Committee Meeting

District Pinewood Derby: April 17, 10am to 12:30pm
Top three from our Pack need to register by March 27: Steve will send emails.
In Novemeber, ALL cub scouts will race their cars.

April 9th Pack meeting
will be either in Ellsworth Hill or outdoors at Hudson Springs.

Blue & Gold
is 1 to 4:30pm
Setup is at 10am. We have 176 people signed up to attend.
We need to verify table count and see how many we need to provide from the church.

Awards will consist of badges and advancement ranks. Leaders need to go to the Online Advancement and fill in details for each Scout, then inform John Kozar which awards need picked up.

Parents need to bring desserts (except Tiger parents).


2010 Pinewood Derby Results

Great job, EVERYBODY! We had a ball at this year's Pinewood Derby. Thank you Tiger parents for handling the concession stands. Nice job designing and building your cars, Scouts!

Click on all of the Results images below for larger views:

Here are the Main Race Results:

Here are the Grand Final Race Results:

Here are the Design Awards:

Here are the Tiger Den Results:

Here are the Wolf Den Results:

Here are the Bear Den Results:

Here are the Webelo Den Results:

And here are all of the race heats individually in the order run:


February 2010 Committe Meeting Minutes

Pinewood Derby
Weigh-In -- Friday night: Steve and Jeff will bring drills
Awards toolbox - does John K. have this?
Steve M. already ordered trophies and will make voting cards.
Steve and Jeff will bring tarps for graphite.
Dave will bring screen, computer.
Jeff will bring projector, blankets (to stop cars).
Tigers will bring baked good to the Derby to sell.
Sharlene Cox is coordinating the snack shack mothers.

Blue & Gold Banquet
All parents EXCEPT TIGERS need to bring a dessert to share.
Jenn will take care of table center pieces and placemats.
Setup helpers need to be there at 10am.
Randy Coleman is doing the Friends of Scouting talk.
Lunch will begin at 1pm.
Den awards will be handed out as a group.


January 2010 Committe Meeting Minutes

Steve M., Randy, Jeff, Jim, Larry, Ed, John, Dave H.

Pack Meeting details:
Crossover will be at the February Pack meeting AFTER the Cakewalk.
Cakewalk note: You can obtain boxes for cakes from local bakeries or groceries.

Scout Sunday: is February 14th at the 11:15am service.
Dave will bring his camera to take a picture after the service and submit to Hudson cable.

Yearbooks: We will get black and white hardcopies and a color pdf file available to all Scouts.

Pinewood Derby:
Rule change: 17. The twelve fastest cars overall will advance to the pack championship heat.
Need to get other guys involved with the Derby

Randy has a 5 X 9 trailer, but Steve may be able to obtain a larger one for our float.

Blue & Gold:
Happy Trails hall will only charge us the same fee as last year. We may cut down on the amount of food from the caterer.


Spring Campout

Spring Campout:
The Spring Campout will be May 14-16 at WPAFB (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base). Den leaders need to know the following for the WPAFB security application:

1) who will be attending
2) what their ages will be on May 14th
3) if they plan on arriving on Friday evening or Saturday around noon.
NOTE: Entire families are welcome to attend this campout!

We will probably try to go down as two groups, one on Friday and one on Saturday (although I know there is potential for a lot of different departure times on Friday depending on work and school schedules). Those that want to can meet up at Young's Dairy on Saturday around 11:30am to all have lunch together. Then we can drive over to the WPAFB Museum as a group and have about 4 hours of fun there before heading over to the camp site on the base.

Bowling Party

Bowling Party!

Legend Lanes (formerly North lanes)
Sunday Jan 17th
Arrive 1:30 PM shoe fitting and lane assignment
All you can bowl 2-4 PM
Pitcher of Soda per lane
Scout's paid by Pack (popcorn sales celebration)
Parents siblings welcome to bowl ($10.00 / bowler pay at Scout check
in table includes food, shoes and bowling)

Registration is required – we need:
total the number of scouts bowling
total number of other bowlers (these folks will pay at |the Bowling Lane)
Legend Lanes (formerly North lanes)
4190 State Road
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

LEGEND LANES is a newly renovated bowling center featuring 35 Flat Screen
TV's, Hardwood Floors, New Seating


January 2010 Committee Meeting Minutes

Steve C., Steve M., Randy, Jeff, Doug, Larry, Ed, Lance, Dave M., Dave H.

Hello Leaders,

Thanks for the great turn out at last night's committee meeting. We must have all been itching to get out of the house as much as our wives are glad that school's started again.

Pack meeting this Friday (1/7): CAKEWALK!!!
If everyone doesn't know by now, the Father-Son Cake Walk is Friday night at 7:00pm. This will take up the entire meeting. The only other thing we have to make time for is the opening, which the Tigers will be doing with the help of Grant Coleman and some other Webelos 2.

We will put duct tape on floor for numbers
Scouts will receive the number for the cake number they land on.
Den leaders, please notify your members to bake a cake for this Friday! See last year's photos for inspiration (Jan. 2009 archive).

We may call the numbers 4 at a time this year. If this is the case, we may have time for a game or three of SOCK. Dave Heater, if you have them, please bring them.

Other items for the meeting:
- All Leaders - Bring a box or two to help for transporting cakes home
- Randy Coleman - Blank Certificates
- Steve Mileski - Duct Tape and marker for the numbers, name plates and numbers for cakes
- Dave Heater - Music and Camera

Like last year, we will need the assistance of a few moms or big sisters (no names...Brittney Kozar) to help write down the categories for each cake and to help match up the scout's number w/ his prize cake.

As in years past, if any scout is so in love with his cake that he can't bear to give it away, then he won't be able to participate in the cake walk. He can just sit off to the side knowing that in about 2 hours he'll be digging into his delicious masterpiece.

Future Events:
Bowling Event:
We decided at the pack meeting to have our own Bowling Party instead of participating in the MOE Bowling Event. The main reason for this is due to the MOE Bowling Event being held this Saturday which doesn't leave us any time to get a list of scout families for sign up w/ payment. We have decided on January 16th probably from 11:00 to 1:00pm. The time will be nailed down once Randy "Strong Arm" Coleman (more shrewd than an Arab trader) works a deal w/ Stonehedge or another local alley. Scouts will be paid for by the pack. Siblings and parents are welcome to bowl but will have to pay. I will go around to families present at the pack meeting and see how many will be bowling and collect payment if possible. We don't know exactly what the cost will be. This depends on how well Randy can coerce the bowling alley. Likely, the more bowlers, the lower the price. At this time it could be anywhere between $10 and $14.

Scout Sunday at HUMC:
Scout Sunday will be on February 7th this year at HUMC. The exact service is unknown at this time. This is a very special date as it is the 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts in America. We need to make a good showing this year to let the church know how much we appreciate their sponsorship. Last year we only had 5 scouts in attendance. I think we can easily have 5 times that this year. So please mark the date on your calendar. The service will be announced as soon as we find out.

Pinewood Derby:
It's not too early to be thinking about the Pinewood Derby. Practice run is 2/27, with the actual Derby on 3/6. Buy cars at Kamper City.