Cub Scout Leader Qualification

The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and will tell you whether you are qualified to be a Cub Scout Leader. The questions are NOT that difficult.

1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

Did you say, Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator?

Wrong Answer.

Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door. This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions.

3. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. All the animals attend.... except one. Which animal does not attend?
Correct Answer: The Elephant. The elephant is in the refrigerator. You just put him in there. This tests your memory.

Okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities.

4. There is a river you must cross but it is used by crocodiles, and you do not have a boat. How do you manage it?
Correct Answer: You jump into the river and swim across. Have you not been listening? All the crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting. This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.


How to tie KNOTS!

Hi Scouts and Parents,
In the Bear den this month, we've been studying knot tying. Well, here's THE best web site I've ever seen that gives clear mouse-over illustrations to tie any knot you can think of:Animated Knots!

I've also added this knotty site as a permanent link on the left side of this web site. Enjoy and practice these knots; you'll never again be a a-frayed to tie knots.


November Meeting Minutes

Pack Meeting this Friday, December 5th



- Wolves will bring baked goods
- Tigers will perform the opening
- Bears will perform skits
- John Kozar will hand out popcorn prizes
- Den Leaders will hand out awards
- Any remaining pies to be thrown will be put off until January pack meeting
- If scouts follow instructions and get pictures taken in a timely fashion, they may get to play sock after ALL photos are taken

Blue & Gold Banquet- It looks like we will be signing a contract at Happy Days Lodge in the Cuyahoga Valley NP.
- Lodge rental is $375.00. We will use one of their preferred caterers and will work on making the menus a bit more kid friendly.
- To keep the cost down to $375.00, we will help clean up and will bring some side dishes, etc. More info to come.

Code of Conduct- Steve M. will e-mail everyone the Wolf Code of Conduct they created this year. Everyone can add to it and send back to Steve. Maybe we can finalize it at the next committee meeting.

Den Chiefs- We found out that Troop 327 is a young troop, therefore, we are going to look to Troops 321 and 333 for some den chiefs. One for Wolf Den and one for Bear Den. They can primarily be in charge of redirecting scouts energy to activities before meetings versus running around like lunatics.

Service Project for HUMC- We are going to clean the hundreds of plastic candle holders for the church's Christmas Service. May have a special Saturday meeting for those scouts that can make it. More info to follow.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing- December 13th between 1-5pm at the Cuyahoga Falls Walmart on Hudson Drive. Sign up sheet will be sent out later this week.

Life Centers Reward for ALL Scouts for Fantastic Popcorn Sales- Kozar is setting up a few hours at Life Centers for the scouts. Pack will pay for everything and will include rock climbing, dodge ball, and wally ball. Either on a Saturday or Sunday in January or February. TBA

Centennial Award- Steve Mileski will get all information to Andy Morse to see if we qualify and if not, what we need to do to qualify.

Pack Master Program- We decided to invest in "Pack Master" to help keep track of Leader Training, Scout Advancements and Awards, etc.

*All Leader Training will now be officially paid for by pack. If you have receipts hand them in to either Steve Mileski or Dennis Withem

Pizza Party?
*We may consider doing a Pack Dinner at Ci Ci's Pizza in Streetsboro. Kozar found out that if we eat there as a non-profit organization, they will give us 10% of sales back to pack....and maybe more if we help bus, etc.

*If you buy a Christmas Tree from Troop 320 at the Log Cabin on the Town Square and if you have a scout in any Pack (not sure if Hudson Pack or any pack), you will get a $10 discount if you tell them.

*GOOD NEWS....The Hocking Hills campsites for our Spring Campout were finally added to the Ohio State Park inventory. We have reserved 2 adjacent, 60 person campsites for May 2nd for $50 each plus $16 in fees for a total of $116.00


Looking for things to do?

Then check out where you can search for events taking place within x miles of Akron or any other city: Ohio Events Search

Cub Scouts are an adventurous type and can use to search for cool things to do. For instance, there is an Owl Hike taking place this Saturday night at 7pm at Lock 4 on the Ohio & Erie Canal towpath.


Novermber Committee Meeting

Kicking around ideas for Blue & Gold location on 3/15/09:
  • Parasons
  • Manatoc Dining Hall (ask Mike Jones) -- Order of the Arrow could serve?
  • Ask Troop 327 if they could do spaghetti dinner at our church (seating capacity is 15 tables of 8 each (120) -- maybe not enough.

    Spring Campout -- Steve is calling reservations in at Hocking Hills

    Pack Meeting this Friday 11/7/08:
  • Start time will be moved to 7:30pm.
  • Theme is "Seeds of Kindness"
  • Duties
    Tigers -- baked goods
    Wolves -- opening & a skit
    Webelos -- skit
  • Rearrange the seating so Tigers are in middle: Webelos, Bears, Tigers, Wolves

    Popcorn Pickup: Nov. 15th

    Need volunteers with large vehicles to pickup the popcorn and drop off at Kozars.

    Code of Conduct:

    We talked about implementing a Pack-wide code of conduct to get the attention span of the kids and parents at our meetings.

    Marble Museum in Akron:
    Possible pack activity on 1/24/09.
    Larry is looking into it.

    Check out the Junior Web Ranger program:
  • 10/06/2008

    October Committe Meeting Notes

    Oct. 10 Pack Meeting Prep:
    Bears will be bringing baked goods to the pack meeting on Friday Oct. 10th
    Wolves - Skits
    Webelos - Opening w/ a cadence march (like Day Camp) w/ maybe a skit that they've been working on.

  • Steve M. suggested that one Webelo (rotate or most deserving scout) lead the younger dens in a cadence march (like at Day Camp) for future openings to make it more exciting and to keep the attention of the dens not participating in opening.

  • Steve M. will hand out year pins. Other awards by den include Bobcat patches to some new Wolves and Bears who need them, possible pins for Ryan Madis if Pete can get all of the info he needs, possible lifesaving award for Tristan Pearl, Tiger patches for Tommy Awender and Cray Donoughe since they transferred to our pack last year and never received them from previous pack.

  • Either Doug or Kozar will run down to scout shop this week to pick up awards, pins, patches - Pete needs to let them know if they are to pick up Ryans and Tristans awards. Steve M. will get them more info from Tommy and Cray's parents since we need date they received Tiger.

  • Randy Coleman will be picking up the raffle tickets for the baked goods sale.

  • All scouts who have 14 popcorn orders and have not thrown a pie in a leader's face can do so at the pack meeting. All those who don't reach that level by this pack meeting can throw a pie at the November pack meeting. Den leaders need to get me a total number of boys who are eligible so I can make sure we have enough shaving cream.

  • Kozar will bring tarp, Steve M. will bring the shaving cream and pie pans.

  • We decided to do the haunted hayride at Camp Butler at the den level, if den leaders want to...

  • Same w/ the MOE Fishing Derby on October 18th.

  • Pete said the MOE Mystery Weekend Campout on Oct. 17th & 18th is more for Boy Scouts & Webelos than cubbys. That appears to be the case.

  • Good Turn Day is Nov. 1st between 9am and Noon. The den leaders will pass the info along down to the dens. Most likely an individual event but if den leaders want they can turn it into a den event.

  • Steve M. will find out which days the Salvation Army Bell Ringing will be held and then will pick a block of time for our pack to ring like last year.

  • We discussed Spring Campout options which are 1. Buffalo Naval Park 2. Wright-Patterson AFB 3. Hocking Hills S.P. 4. Kellys Island 4H Camp 5. Laurel Highlands, PA 6. Other BSA Camps 7. Mohican S.P. 8. Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum

  • It seems like Laurel Highlands, Hocking Hills S.P. and Kellys Island may be the top 3 choices based on a combination of adventure and price. Hocking Hills may be most affordable with a total fee of $100 for 2 - 60 person campsites which will need to be reserved exactly 6 months in advance of May 2, 2009 which will be Nov 2, 2008. Steve M. will find out more about Laurel Highlands from Larry the Scout Master for Troop 327 since they have camped there. Leaders agreed that Kellys would be cool because of ferry rides. However ferry rides will be the majority of the cost for the Kellys Island site. Pete found out more on Greenfield Village and sent it to leaders on 10/6/08. We need to decide before next committee meeting if Hocking Hills is still in running since our next meeting is on Nov. 2.

  • To order popcorn on line go to

  • Larry and Lynn Schmidt arrived at meeting. Larry will be taking over for Matt Malafa as the new Tiger Den Leader since Matt excepted a position in Cincinnati area.

  • Steve M. will bring items left at the fall campout to the pack meeting.
    Post-meeting we discussed Pack/den/individual photos. It has definitely been decided not to put scouts pictures w/ names on our blog site. May do a photo board or a printed photo directory. Leaders are discussing a private site accessible w/ password or to only pack individual e-mail addresses. Up for further discussion.

  • Lynn emphasized getting our applications and money in to GTC ASAP.
  • 10/01/2008

    Reflections from Lake Leitchfield 9/26/08 to 9/28/08

    Summary of our Fall Camp 2008 by Peter Buchanan:

    As the last 2 years have drifted by, Den and Pack events have changed much in my mind. Sometimes they have been eagerly anticipated, others not so much. The fall campout this year was one I was not eagerly anticipating. Rather I was worried about the improbability of safely supervising 20 or so boys in the great outdoors.

    But Friday afternoon, when a young Bear Scout swept into the house in cloud of books, backpacks and excitement about the coming weekend, I shook off the lingering worries and pointed myself at the job of loading up the car with a trunk full of gear we would need.

    He was eager to help and the job was done before we knew it. The road trip was short and minutes later the trunk was open and spilling forth a rainbow of tent parts, sleeping bags, pillows, packs, fishing rods, papers and various toys. Trunks and tailgates we exploding with the same results all around us. Like a little ant colony cleaning up a forgotten morsel, the campers eventually moved the gear to our new home

    Somehow our little tribe managed to move in, build tents, and gather firewood in time for dinner. A course of pasta and salad quietly and magically appeared just before the light started fading. All the hustle and bustle changed course towards it. In short order the feast was reduced to leftovers. The resulting mess somehow all found it’s way to the trash bags. Camp fires were brought to life as the sun set and still the boys happy feet careened around the camp unfettered by the rules of home.

    I worried. Someone was bound to get hurt. They should be corralled for something constructive. There was so much left to do. Each boy needed to be accounted for. Fortunately, no one was crying. No one was hurt. But this is what it was all for, so that they could build memories together. They were the ones who knew best how to do that. My pool of stress started to drain away, but ever so slowly. A night hike was just the thing to wear them down a little bit. And sure enough, they seemed slightly more ready for a reasonable bed time than in years past when it was done.

    Saturday emerged from under heavy eyelids to soon. Young voices shouting across the campsite made sure that sleep was long gone. But bleary eyes were soon cleared by hot coffee and the warmth of revived campfires. And it only got better. Sausage and eggs were soon sizzling on nearby griddles and one monstrous frying pan. The aroma teased us as we lined up and the taste, met all my expectations.

    Good food has a way of calming restless spirits. Sure enough, the restless and hungry Bears were calmed and content enough to focus on the tasks of the day. Co-operation seemed to be a common agreement with them. Quickly a new line up was established. The following inspection went well. The boys themselves picked the one with the sharpest uniform. Oaths and allegiance were vowed in almost-solemn unison. Again enthusiastic spirits reigned as the boys picked out and practiced their evening skits. The energy with which they practiced over and over again was inspiring. It's hard not to feel pride when that many boys work so well and so hard together. But I was just a director. The quality of behavior instilled in these boys was not my handiwork. Great kids are the loving work of great parents. I am honored to be entrusted with their care for these brief times.

    It soon became evident where all the enthusiasm was coming from. These Scouts were bubbling with anticipation of testing their skills at marksmanship. The archery range was first on our morning march. I am frequently surprised by these boys and though a couple had to be sent from the range temporarily, absolute quiet fell among them when the current group was firing. I noted the day in my calendar accordingly. Though the target backboards looked like pin cushions for the blind and as many arrows missed as hit the boards, a couple still managed to find their way inside the target circles. It was enough to allow the boys to march away victorious.

    The rifle range was just as intense. It is surprising how much focus and discipline they can have when they realize the gravity of what they have in their hands. It is also sometimes surprising that their fun can sometimes come as quietly as possible. Again the guidance of great parents was crucial in pruning out the danger and still letting the boys enjoy themselves.

    When the day turned wet and gray, the boy’s hopes remained undiminished. The fish were not biting much in Lake Leitchfield but most sons and dads never-the-less enjoyed the time together. Even the slightest line tugs eventually disappeared even as the rain relented. But we were really okay with leaving the fish unbothered in the lake. It felt to me like a good way to quietly offer our thanks to God and the land for providing us such a time and place to spend together.

    Disappointment greeted some of the campers on their return. The drizzle that dampened hopes as well as scout shirts all afternoon had penetrated some of the tents and washed out the remainder of the weekend for some. Even so, most of these families hung around long enough for dinner and evening activities. And a memorable dinner it was. Small mountains of vegetables and plentiful burgers fed everyone willing to try their hand at cooking foil dinners. We all learned a few lessons in the process and most had a fine meal. The more discriminating eaters finished off the pasta from the previous night. All in all, almost everyone ended up happy and full with only a few cuts and burnt fingers.

    One of the best times in any scout camp-out is the evening entertainment. The evening was started off by the opportunity for four enterprising young scouts to do what every scout dreams of... put a pie in their leaders face. Again, kudos to the creative parents and leaders for coming up with an entertaining way to encourage the boys to participate in the popcorn sales that assure our scouting future.

    What followed was the venerable scouting tradition of skits. And though the skits were old to most, they were new to many and fun for all. Everyone enjoyed seeing the leaders making fools of themselves wondering what it would be like not to be a scout. And the Bears were only to happy to display their well practiced theatrical skills. It was all capped off by a camp-wide song that had most staggering around like drunken chickens gargling 'Singing in the rain...'

    There was more, including s’mores, scary stories, and simply sitting and staring into the fire in the company of friends. Tired boys sat on the laps of tired dads or huddled together reviewing the day. Then a few at a time, they all retreated to the comfort of their tents and sleeping bags.

    I was among the first up the next morning. I rekindled a fire and enjoyed a few minutes of silence and solitude. I offered my prayers and thanks to the Lord for blessing us with such a weekend and such fine company. Gradually the camp roused and the bustle began again. Wistful feelings for the end of the campout and the return to normal life were buried by the work and necessity of packing. Gathering, cleaning, rolling, stuffing, and a dozen trips to the car are the inevitable end these retreats. But near the end of my work, the zone of my working rhythm was gently broken by the sound of boys singing around the dying fire. 'If I were not a boy scout I know what I would be...'

    They remembered every line in order from our leader skit the night before. Somehow that made my day. We've helped to give them a time they'll remember. We've done something good and perhaps this is one of the things for which, at the end of our time, our Lord will say 'Well done'. Thank you my friends for all you did to make it happen. I am humbled by how much work it took and how dedicated everyone was to it. It is a privilege knowing your children and yourselves.



    2008 Fall Campout

    We held our Fall Campout this past weekend (9/26,27,28) for TWO nights for the first time ever! It was a huge success with more activities than ever before. The boys did BB guns, archery and fishing in addition to completing some specific activities with their dens. They all pitched in to help make the whole camping experience fun.
    So many thanks to the organizing leaders, especially Steve M. for buying and bringing most of the food. The Kozars provided an excellent pasta meal Friday night and the Scouts had a ton of fun assembling their hamburger ala foil diners and cooking them on the fire Saturday night.

    Check out my pictures here:
    2008 Cub Scout Fall Campout

    Check out Jennifer's pictures here:


    Fall Campout 2008 Schedule

    Greetings Scouts!
    The schedule for this weekend's Fall Campout at Manatoc (Valley View and Vale Edge Campsites) is this:
    -Arrive at camp at 5:00 to 5:30pm if possible
    -Gather firewood, run around, explore
    -Dinner at 6:30pm
    -Campfire afterwards

    Saturday: (click to enlarge)

    - 8:30 or 9am - Breakfast (cold cereal and juice)
    - Camp site clean up and leave site at leisure


    Scout Meeting Monthly Helps

    Thanks to Jennifer M., who scanned in the monthly helps for meeting ideas. Please click on one of the links below if you are leading a Cub Scout meeting for meeting plans. There are references to the How To book, which our pack leaders have; if you need to borrow it, please contact Steve Mileski.

    Tiger Helps

    Wolf Helps

    Bear Helps

    Again, thank you, Jennifer!


    September Committe Meeting (Fall Camp Planning)

    Steve M., Doug L., Jen M., Dave M., Dave H., Bob L., Steve C.

    School Night:
    Dave H., Bob, Steve M., Doug, Steve C.
    - Be at Ellsworth Elementary at 6pm (ends at 8pm).
    - Bring digital picture frame with updated pictures
    - Bring patches (on bulletin board)
    - Bring velcro nerf guns

    BB Gun and Archery Training
    Either this Thursday (9/18) or NEXT Monday (9/22) at 7pm at HUMC

    New Leader Training
    October 4th -- see the MOE Calendar here.

    - Steve M. will be the Tiger den mentor
    - Dave M. may have the year pins at his house -- he will check.
    **** A parent volunteer is needed for monthly advancement award pick ups from the Scout Shop in Akron ****
    The Scout Shop is located here:

    View Larger Map

    Popcorn Meetings:
    - John K. and Steve M. are going to the popcorn meeting
    - Talked about getting incentives to hold up in front of Scouts to sell $300 worth of popcorn.
    - Need to create a list of how popcorn profits are used (campouts, events)

    Fall Family Campout on 9/26 to 9/28!
    Location: Camp Manatoc -- see map here. We are at the Valley View and Vally Forge camp sites just to the left when coming up the Manatoc entrance road. (Parking on the right).
    **** NOTE: No aerosol cans are allowed in Manatoc ****
    Note: People are URGED to stay in a cabin, since each person costs $2 extra for tent camping. The site holds 48 total, so some will have to stay in a tent.
    Den Leaders need to make schedules for their dens for Saturday daytime activities.
    - Steve M. will come up with a duties list and run it by the leaders.
    - Friday Dinner: Kozars have Friday night dinner covered
    - Saturday Breakfast: Need a volunteer
    - Saturday Lunch: Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, chips, apples
    - Saturday Dinner: Each Scout will assemble hamburger all-a-foil dinners on Saturday
    night. Webelos will prepare the dinner.
    - Sunday breakfast: fruit & rolls
    - Dave H. bring coleman stove
    - Everyone bring pop Saturday night
    - Steve M. is going to get all the food.
    - Jen proposed ordering glow sticks for all the Scouts ($20 for 50) -- let's do it!
    - Firewood: urged to just pick it up there; however, if it's rainy, we should each bring a little.

    Sleeping arrangements:
    Tigers will stay in a cabin together.

    Good Turn Day is Saturday, Nov. 1
    - 9am to 2pm: If Scouts drop off 3 bags of items, they can earn the Good Turn patch

    Spring Campout Options
    • 4-H Camp on Kelley's Island
    • Hocking Hills
    • Laurel Highlands


    2008 Cub Scout Day Camp

    This year's MOECOMDWS Cub Scout Day Camp theme was Holidays. So our Bear patrol picked the "Bottle Rockets" as our name. It was certainly as hot as a fire cracker at camp this year; the pool and lake were extra refreshing. Thirteen Bears, four Wolves and about eight dads participated in the fun. Amy and Cindy did an awesome job organizing the camp this year. There were absolutely NO glitches and the boys moved smoothly from station to station. We even squeezed in a game of "football sock". Footballs are not nearly as soft as socks, though.

    We attended during the 2nd session which was less crowded than the first; Thursday (7/17/08) through Saturday (7/19/08). We arrived at camp by 8am and departed by 5:15pm each day, except Saturday when we arrived at 1pm and departed at 8pm after a dinner and skit program together. We especially enjoyed old staffer Dave's rendition of the Lee Pittle Thrigs. Although the previous year's RinderCella was hard to beat.

    Click on the pictures below for the full story:

    2008 Cub Scout Day Camp


    Tiger Day 2008!

    Our new Tigers enjoyed Tiger Day at camp Butler. Kids entering first grade in the Fall are eligible to attend Tiger Day before starting school (at the end of their kindergarten career). This is typically held each July and includes a tour of BB guns, archery and swimming.


    May 2008 Committee Meeting

    Memorial Day Parade:Meet at 10:15 behind Acme with Razor-type scooters or roller-blades.

    Pack Picnic:Meet at 6pm on 6/6/08 at Hudson Springs Park, the second pavilion. Bring your hat and neckerchief to hand off to the younger Cub Scouts moving up if you don't need to keep them. Parents should pick up hats and neckerchiefs for next year's ranks for their sons. Parents, please bring a side-dish or dessert to the picnic.
    Year pins will also be handed out at the picnic.

    Mighty Moe Day Camp... is July 17th, 18th, 19th.

    Webelos Resident Camp:Session 1 from July 27th - July 30th..... Session 2 from July 30th to Aug 2nd....Please check your calendar and get back to your den leader (Bob Lee) on which session you wish to attend.

    Possible Summer Activities:
    Aeros Baseball Game (6pm June 29)
    Hudson Springs Campout
    Acme Hotdog Sale Fundraiser
    Car Wash Fundraiser


    2008 Pinewood Derby Results!

    Thanks to ALL of you for helping pull off a great race day this year for our Scouts!Here are the results of the first 42 races involving the entire pack:

    And here are the results from the top 12 running off against each other:

    Congrats to our race participants and way to GO! Good job on the cars, Scouts and parents.


    Pinewood Derby Time Change

    Due to many of our Scouts participating in the PTO Pancake Breakfast, we are starting the race at 1pm. Here's the schedule:

    11:30am -- setup crew (any volunteers are welcome to help decorate and setup)

    12:30pm -- families arrive and vote on their favorite cars.

    1pm -- race starts

    3pm - done

    Check-in / weigh-in is the night before the Derby from 6 to 8pm.
    Optional Practice run is 2/23 from 10am to 12:30pm; stop in and check out how your car runs.

    Pinewood Derby Rules

    Pack 3327
    Pinewood Derby Purpose & Rules

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to build the fastest pinewood derby car you can. But it is important to remember why the Pinewood Derby races exists. The Pinewood Derby was started to promote learning, competition, and sportsmanship.
    Learning is an important part of the pinewood derby races. The Cub Scout should not only learn about such concepts as friction and gravity, but they should learn how to work with power tools safely. Depending on the experience of the Cub Scout, it may be necessary for adult supervision while building the pinewood derby car. This is a great way for an adult and a Cub Scout to spend time together.
    In competition, there is always a person that wins and a person that loses. Competition drives us to do our best. By participating and competing, we broaden our knowledge, skills, and become a better person. The only loser is the person that refuses to better him or herself.
    Sportsmanship involves both following the rules and how you behave at the pinewood derby. No matter how your car performs, you want to behave in a manner that will allow you to feel good in days to follow.

    1. The Pinewood Derby Committee has final say or interpretation of all rules and regulations.

    2. All cars must pass inspection to qualify for the race. The inspection points are as follows:
    a) The car must have been made during the current year (the year in which the derby is held).
    b) The width of the car shall not exceed 2 3/4 inches.
    c) The length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.
    d) The weight of the car shall not exceed 5 ounces (5.0000).
    e) The wheelbase (distance between front and rear axles) may NOT be changed from the kit body distance of 4-1/4”.
    f) Axles, wheels, and body wood shall be as provided in the BSA kit. Only Official Scout Grand Prix wheels and axles can be used. Wheels maybe slightly sanded to remove the mold projection form the tread. This light sanding is the only wheel modification allowed. Beveling, tapering, wafering, or lathe turning of the wheels is prohibited (The ribs on the wheel sides MUST remain intact).
    g) Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.
    h) The car shall not ride on any kind or type of springs.
    i) Any details added must be within length, width, and weight limits.
    j) The car must be freewheeling, with no starting devices or other propulsion.
    k) No loose materials of any kind (such as lead shot) are allowed in the car.
    l) The front end of the car must rest against the ‘car side’ of the starting pin. No portion of the car can be past the ‘car side’ of the starting pin.

    3. Car weigh-in and inspections will be done on the Friday before Derby Day from 6 pm to 8 pm. Once a car has met the weight requirements and passed inspection, the car will be officially checked-in. Once a car has been officially checked-in, the car will not be handled by the driver until his car is ready to race in his first race. The cars will remain locked-up in the Hudson United Methodist Church overnight. On race day the cars will be moved by Pinewood Derby Race Officials to the Pit Area.

    4. Before the Derby, the drivers will be allowed in the Pit Area to review and vote on the cars for various categories (Most Aerodynamic, Best Design, etc.)

    5. Prior to racing in his first race, each driver will be allowed to apply lubricant to his wheels and axles in the pit area only. A table in the pit area will be set-up for this purpose. Only dry powered lubrication, such as graphite, maybe used.

    6. Each heat will be announced. Drivers will report to the starting line and hand their car one at a time to the starter who will place the cars on the track in their assigned lane. All other people must remain behind the barrier.

    7. The starter will make sure the cars are on the track properly and than will start the race.

    8. The drivers will then report to the finish line to see the results of the race.

    9. The car whose nose is over the finish line first is the winner. The track timer will determine the first-, second-, third-place winners.

    10. If a car leaves the track but does not interfere with the other cars, it will be allowed a second run by itself to record a time.

    11. If a car leaves the track, runs out of its lane, interferes with another car, loses an axle, etc., the heat will be rerun. If the same car gets into trouble on the second run, the contestant is disqualified and automatically loses that race. If, on the second run, another car is interfered with, the heat will be run a third time but without the disqualified car.

    12. After the results of each heat are recorded, the drivers will take their cars and return them to the Pit Area and then return to their seats.

    13. If a car suffers a mechanical problem, loss of an axle, breaks a wheel, etc. during a race and a repair can be made in a reasonable amount of time, the heat will run again. If not, the car will automatically lose the heat.

    14. Cars are not to leave the race track area at any time. If a car gets damaged during a race, all repairs must be done in the pit area. Pinewood Derby Officials will be required to inspect any car after repairs have been made to any damaged car. If necessary the car will have to be re-weighed to insure that it does not exceed the maximum weight limit. If a driver takes his car out of the pit area or the race track area anytime during the derby, he will be disqualified.

    15. Awards will be announced shortly after the heat for which the awards are to be given. The drivers and their partners will report to the stage for the awards as their names are called.

    16. The total of number of heats will depend on the number of participants.

    17. Den winners will be determined first. The first three places from each den will receive awards; however, the top 12 (number of dens times 3) will advance to the pack championship heats.

    18. Awards will be presented at the end of the Pinewood Derby.
    Trophies will be awarded to the following:
    a. Overall 1st Place Finish
    b. Overall 2nd Place Finish
    c. Overall 3rd Place Finish
    d. Den 1st Place Finish (A total of 4)*
    e. Den 2nd Place Finish (A total of 4)*
    f. Den 3rd Place Finish (A total of 4)*
    g. Various Trophies based on cars design (To be determined by the scouts) (Only cars that did not win a place trophy will be eligible for these trophies)
    h. All other participants will receive a ‘Participation Trophy’
    i. Each participant will receive a ‘Pinewood Derby Participant’ Patch.
    The top three finishers of the Pack will be invited to the District Pinewood Derby Meet to be held at Chapel Hill Mall in April.
    May the best car win!

    *1st & 2nd Year Webelos will be considered one den.


    New Website and Pinewood Derby

    Just a note that our Pinewood Derby is fast approaching. Check the calendar above for the latest dates on practice, check-in, and the derby. Make sure cars are all checked in the Friday before Derby Day.

    Also, check out the *New!* MOECOMDWS District Web Site now on our left-nav menu.


    Hudson Community First

    Added a link to the Hudson Community First New web site. Check it out under Hudson Links on the left or click on this post title. This is really a good web site to inform you of all the things going on in Hudson. Enjoy!


    Cake Walk 2008

    This cake walk had the most unique cakes I've ever seen. Spectacular displays of originality as you can see below. Thanks to the organizers and to all of those cubs and parents who spent a lot of time on some really cool cake designs. I think a lot of sugar was consumed that night!