Hi folks!

Our fall campout is coming up. If you haven't done so yet, please RSVP here.

For those of you who are new to our pack (and perhaps even new to campouts!), here is a suggested packing list:

- Tent and groundcover ( for everyone but tigers and tiger parents, who get first dibs on the cabins )

- Sleeping bag and pillow

- Clothing for both warm and cooler weather ( for 2 nights - seriously folks, it's September in NE Ohio )

- Rain gear ( your kids won't wear the panchos, but pack them anyway )

- 2 pairs of close-toed shoes ( hiking boots if you have them of course, but old sneakers will do - that 2nd pair is important if you've ever experienced the joy of walking around in wet shoes - also long socks are better than ankle socks )

- Class A uniform ( the blue shirt and hat at the least - neckerchief and slider optional )

- Class B uniform ( also known as the tie dye t-shirt, if you have one )

- Scout handbook ( for your den activities )

- Mess kit ( IMPORTANT - available from any place that sells camping stuff - but a basic plastic plate, cup, and fork fit the bill  )

- 2 or 3 cans of non-caffeinated fruit flavored pop ( to contribute to Saturday evening's "swamp water" - every year it's a taste sensation )

- Flashlight ( helps you see in the dark - though they tend to be used more than necessary )

- Sunscreen and bug spray ( the skeeters may still have one last hurrah )

- Personal snack ( We will be making and serving plenty of delicious food, but sometimes it's still not enough )

- Any additional items for den activities as directed by your den leader

NOTE: Scouts may bring pocket knives ONLY if they also bring their whittling cards. Older scouts using pocket knives must be prepared to present their whittling card to any adult leader upon request.

I think that's everything. See you next weekend!


Steve Cox

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